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The Goldziher (Gold-zi-air) Prize is an award for excellence in the coverage of Muslim Americans by an individual or team of U.S. journalists. This prize is named for Ign├íc Goldziher (1850-1921), a Hungarian Jew who was among the first university scholars in Europe to study and admire the laws, poetry, and practices of Islam. 

The prize is presented by The Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations at Merrimack College, an independent college in the Catholic Augustinian tradition; William and Mary Greve Foundation, and the Religion News Foundation.

Many thanks to the meticulous work of the judges Ari Goldman, Aysha Khan, Charlie Sykes, Diane Winston, and Wajahat Ali. Their bios can be seen on the About Us page. Thank you, as well, to all of the talented and committed journalists who entered their high quality works into this competition.

Here are the 2019 Goldziher Prize winners.

In 2017, The Goldziher Prize for journalists was created in response to rising fear and hateful actions toward Muslims, and seeks to counter these trends by recognizing and stimulating insightful reporting about Muslim Americans.

Criteria for Entry

  • Stories or opinion pieces in print, video, audio, and photographic essays, created after December 31, 2016.

  • Overall quality of presentation in describing or reporting on Muslim Americans.

  • Preference will be given to journalists who have covered Muslim Americans over time. We encouraged submissions that have had an impact on an individual, community, organization, or government agency.

2019 Goldziher Prizes

Three Goldziher Prizes for Professional Journalists:

  • One prize for Written Word: $15,000

  • One prize for Video or Photography: $15,000

  • One prize for Audio: $15,000

One Goldziher Prize for a Journalism Student: $5,000

Please visit the Rules and FAQs pages to learn more about the prizes, and to see the past prize winners. See About Us to learn more about the Goldziher judges and advisors.