2019 Goldziher Prize Winners

Leila Fadel, for Muslims in America: A New Generation, a groundbreaking, six-part series broadcast on National Public Radio. These intimate and surprising stories explore the unseen lives of U.S. Muslims at a time when anti-Islamic sentiment surpasses the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Hannah Allam, for In the Crosshairs: Muslims in Trump's America, a yearlong series of Buzzfeed News articles that capture how external pressures are forcing internal debates among U.S. Muslims. These deeply reported stories reveal a community at once fearful and defiant as violence against Muslims rises.

Aymann Ismail, for Who's Afraid of Aymann Ismail?, a video series for Slate Magazine in which Aymann, a talented young journalist, meets with anti-Muslim activists, state legislators, and his own family to find out if there really is anything to fear about American Muslims.

Sana Ullah, for Places You’ll Pray, a collection of vibrant images of young American Muslims praying in public spaces outside of a mosque. The series was created by Ms. Ullah when she was a student at George Washington University, and these photos have since been published in Huffington Post, Fusion, Quartz and other outlets.

Zainab Sultan and Si Chen, for Worthy of Love, a short documentary video produced by students at the Columbia School of Journalism. This is high caliber reporting on critical and taboo issues in Muslim American communities, which combines great storytelling and excellent production values.